Camping Water Filters Are Important

You really need to have a camping water filter if you go camping, hiking, or even for emergencies. Portable water filters are devices that purify unchlorinated water from almost any source such as lakes, streams, and even from faucets that have been deemed non potable. They are able to turn bad water into drinkable water. Anyone from the back country hiker to the camping enthusiast should own one of these devices. They can also be used in areas where the municipal water supply has been contaminated, so you should also have one as an addition to any emergency kit.

Image result for best backpacking water filterNo matter where you are camping, you should always bring a camping water filter with you. Portable water purifiers are available in all different sizes. From products that are small enough to fit in a backpack, to large sizes with their own hand pumping units, there is one for everyone. They are perfect when you are in a remote camping location, where there isn’t a good drinking water source. There are even some instances where you may have a favorite camp site, and come back there to discover that some problem occurred in your absence, and the water now is no longer suitable for drinking.check out this site camping water filter reviews .

People that do a lot of hiking in the back country for example, don’t have the room for carrying a lot of water with them. Sure, they may carry a canteen, but that doesn’t last very long on long hikes, or strenuous hikes. With a camping water filter, they can stop almost anywhere there is water and use it to refill their canteen. Even if a stream or lake is crystal clear, and looks clean and fresh, you need a portable water filter of some kind no matter what. There could be animal feces, or any other bacteria in the water that is undetectable with the naked eye. These things can make you sick if you do not filter the contaminated water before drinking.

A camping water filter should always be part of a vehicle emergency kit. You never know when you could be stranded somewhere in the Winter, and need to have drinking water. You can use melted snow, and run it through portable water filters to make sure you are able to drink it. One should also be tucked away somewhere in your home for any kind of emergency. This is true especially in areas where the likely hood of natural disasters are common. In an earthquake, flood or some other disaster, clean drinking water is going to be a necessity, but most likely unavailable. There are also times when even municipal water sources are going to be contaminated for one reason or another. Even well water can get contaminated after a heavy rain or storm.

There are some things that you should look for when it comes to a camping water filter. Portable water purifiers should have at least a charcoal filtration system, and the best ones will have a triple filter. Make sure that you read the labels carefully to make sure that they can not only take away odors, but filter out harmful bacteria as well. You also need to find a water filter that folds compact for storing in small spaces, as well. Some of these filters come with a handy roll up bag, which you fill with questionable water, and gravity feeds it through the filtration system. When you are done, you simply roll up the bag container and slip it into your backpack.